VPB believes in aggressive representation consistent with sound business practice. Established areas of expertise include the following:

1. Selling a practice.

The primary aim of VPB's veterinary sales and marketing program is to expose your practice and its availability to the greatest possible extent, while at the same time focusing on individuals and public companies (e.g., VCA) who could be your most likely buyers. Initially, we will help you determine the value of your practice. Once determined, we will prepare a comprehensive "package" on your practice and then distribute the "package" to prospective buyers and brokers throughout California with whom we maintain an excellent working network. Thereafter, VPB will continue its ongoing efforts to contact veterinarians who are currently looking to buy as well as developing an advertising program designed to provide maximum exposure for your practice in the marketplace.

2. Buying a practice.

If you are looking to buy a practice, we can help you accomplish your goal. Our exclusive association in California makes us the perfect answer to your buying needs. The first step is to determine how much a veterinary practice is really worth. Because of VPB's relationship with veterinary practice management consultants in California, we can refer you to an independent consultant experienced in appraising veterinary practices. Once the fair market value of the practice has been determined, VPB will prepare and present your offer to the seller. In addition to representing your interests throughout the negotiating process, we will assist you in structuring the transaction to maximize tax benefits and help you to obtain practice acquisition financing and working capital loans.

3. Mergers.

If you own a practice whose annual gross revenues are less than $500,000, you may have an extremely difficult time selling the practice. This is so because the high cost of rent, Combined with high labor costs, will not generate sufficient cash flow for a prospective buyer. However, all is not lost! You may be able to "merge" your practice into a nearby practice or a nearby practice owner may wish to accomplish a merger by relocating his or her practice into your hospital facility. Because of the potential economies of scale created by the merger, this strategy (as opposed to an outright sale) could allow a "seller" to receive value for his or her practice, while at the same time setting the stage for eventual retirement. VPB can effectively guide you through the labyrinth of issues that may arise in structuring a merger.

4. Start-up practice.

VPB begins by developing an understanding of your needs. After meeting with you, research is undertaken to provide information concerning your various options with regard to specific business areas where you are most likely to establish your practice. In addition to the obvious factors of location and types of competition, we research comparable lease rates and secure other relevant data as it applies to the proposed location. We will help you gather pertinent demographic information about the area where you desire to establish your practice. Considerable research is conducted to locate areas tailored to the specific needs of each of our veterinary clients. Once a suitable site is located, VPB will assist you with the lease negotiations and help you to secure financing at competitive rates to construct tenant improvements and buy or lease equipment necessary to conduct your start-up practice.

5. Expanding your practice or renegotiating your lease.

VPB is available at any time, not only at the inception of your real estate lease negotiations, but throughout its duration and beyond. We offer a wide range of tenant related services (e.g., leasing additional space, renegotiating rent and annual rent escalations, options, etc.) which create immediate and long-term savings to our veterinary clients.


VPB's fees are determined on a project by project basis. When representing a seller of a practice and/or real estate, VPB is compensated on a commission basis as more fully described in a written listing agreement. When representing a buyer of a practice and/or real estate, or a client in lease negotiations, VPB is typically compensated on an hourly rate based upon the time expended. A written estimate of fees and costs will be provided to our client prior to VPB undertaking any hourly rate project