"I would like to thank you for all your time and hard work, to complete the sale of my practice. I know I would not have been able to do it without you. You really helped smooth over my moments of doubt and indecision and your experience and legal acumen made all the difference during the negotiations. From the first contact with the buyer, to the final day of signing, you were there to guide me. I feel that the price you obtained for me, and the lease of my real estate was better than I could have ever gotten on my own. I am happily now a former owner."
— K. Langeman, DVM

Redwood City

"Over the past year I have learned that the purchase or sale of a veterinary practice is a highly complex transaction requiring guidance from a seasoned veteran who understands the intricacies of veterinary business. Stuart Y asgoor not only understands our business and the legal aspects of completing the transaction, but also does a great job at providing guidance through the transaction. He is available to discuss, offer solutions and advice when needed. I don't know if my transaction would ever have closed if it were not for his knowledge and his ability to get the job done."
— David Cowan, DVM


"For 30 years, Stu has been my business attorney, business advisor, practice and real estate broker, and friend. In Southern California, he was the first attorney who chose to specialize in the legal needs of veterinarians. In addition, he is a real estate broker specializing exclusively in practice sales and acquisitions, and commercial real estate sales and leases exclusively on behalf of veterinarians. It's been my good fortune to utilize Stu in all of these important areas over a good many years. He's been truly invaluable and with his unique and highly skilled expertise he was an immense help in my recent practice sale and real estate lease to VCA allowing me to recently retire after 36 years of practice. I am forever grateful to him! Sm has earned my highest praise and recommendation for his services."
— Gary Gallerstein, DVM

Los Angeles County

"After practicing veterinary medicine for 56 years, it was Stuart Yasgoor's vast knowledge of the veterinary profession that enabled him to locate a buyer for us. With his legal expertise, he guided us through the sale process, providing comprehensive contracts to protect our interests. We would definitely recommend Stuart and The Veterinary Practice Broker to our colleagues."
— Robert Streeter, D.V.M. and David Streeter, D.V.M

San Mateo County

"Selling my practice in 2009 was far more complex than purchasing it in 1977! Stuart Yasgoor was my lawyer, advisor, negotiator and friend, all in one package. Without his guidance, I would still own my practice today. Mr. Yasgoor was easy to reach on the phone and very responsive to my emails……he is definitely not your basic lawyer stereotype."
— Charles R. Cortesi, D.V.M.

Sonoma County

"Mr. Yasgoor successfully represented us through the sale of our large practice during economically challenging times. Balancing 10 owners and a very experienced buyer, Mr. Yasgoor's experience and skills were invaluable."
— Constance E. DeHaan, D.V.M., Dipl. ACVR